February 13, 2010

Jesus Certified Christian(JCC)

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a two day scrum master training course. SecondMarket, the company I am currently employed at, sent some of their employees to the training course so they can implement scrum methodologies more effectively and efficiently (Scrum is a methodology, usually used for software development). After a short online exam, I will be a certified scrum master(SCM). SCM will be my second certification in addition to my first certification, SCJP(Sun Certified Java Programmer). Speaking of certifications, how are the certifications beneficial for me? What do my certifications certify? Well, SCJP(Sun Certified Java Programmer) states that Sun, who owns Java, certifies me as a java programmer who knows Java and is able to develop softwares in Java . Of course, Sun doesn't just certify any programmer. They try to certify only those who are qualified to be certified. This is beneficial for me because it indicates that I really do have skills that I claim to have. In another words, it shows that I am not a fake!

I've been so blessed by GOD to have two industrially recognized certifications already at young age. But there is one certification I really want. That is a certification from GOD - I want to be a christian GOD certifies! But does GOD see me as someone he can certify? One thing I know is that if there is an exam that I have to pass in order to be certified by GOD, I will not be able to pass without GOD's help. Jesus tells us to be perfect as GOD is perfect. Am I perfect? No, I am far, far from being perfect. In fact, I probably sin more than most of average people. The bible also tells us to be righteous. Am I righteous? You guessed it. No, I am not. I just try to be an average guy who doesn't harm anybody and even that is difficult sometimes. Bottom line is that, I am not qualified to be certified by GOD because I do a lot of things that the Bible tells not to do and don't do a lot of things that the Bible tells to do. So why would GOD certify a sinner like me?

I know why! GOD wants to certify me because HE loves me. That is it! Not because I am perfect or I am righteous but because of his great, awesome love! In fact, we all know that GOD loves us so much that He sent his son, JESUS, to us so all our sins can be forgiven and we can become his sons and daughters! All we need do is just to believe in JESUS; accept JESUS as our Lord. GOD even made sinners like us his sons and daughters, why wouldn't HE certify us? He sure does certify us. All he requires from us is to believe in JESUS. That 's all it takes to be certified by GOD. It's the easiest certification to get yet the greatest of all. I would like to call it JCC, JESUS Certified Christian. JCC, JESUS Certified Christian.. isn't it so cool?